About Me

My story

Hey there, I'm Despi, originally from Greece and happily settled in Vienna for the last 6 years. I studied Informatics and had the chance to work with some great companies across Greece, Germany, and Austria, picking up skills in different professional environments.

As a freelancer, I love creating websites and helping companies understand their audience better. Right now, I'm really excited about broadening my knowledge in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. I'm eager to explore how these technologies can be used in innovative ways.

Outside of work, I enjoy learning about new technologies and going on travel adventures. I'm passionate about emotional intelligence and believe in using science for positive change. Let's use tech to make the world a better place! 🌍✨

Passionate about ''easy going'' websites and adventurous trips

My perspective

Alright, picture this: a digital journey where websites aren’t just pages; they’re stories waiting to be told. That's where I come in—I’m all about creating those immersive online experiences.

Imagine pixels meeting purpose—slick designs that aren’t just eye candy; they're an interactive adventure. From cool layouts to smooth interfaces, I craft websites that are more than digital real estate; they're engaging narratives.

Now, let’s talk consulting. Think of it as the backstage pass to digital success. I’m here to decode the digital labyrinth, tailor strategies, and help businesses find their unique online identity. It's not just about being present; it's about making a statement in the digital universe.

Every project? An adventure. Whether revamping websites, playing SEO sorcery, or crafting killer consulting strategies, I bring the passion. It’s not just about ticking boxes; it's about making digital dreams a reality.

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