How do you make a webinar interesting?


How do you make a webinar interesting?

Nowadays we are increasingly passing information from online videos or online courses. So below we will see techniques for a very good webinar.

  1. Put pictures. In everyday life, people come in contact with a plethora of information but also with very large texts. He is familiar with removing information but also never wants to read large texts. So put photos and make it more interesting.
  2. Ask questions to the audience. There has to be an interaction with the audience so that they don’t get bored and leave the video soon.
  3. Put strange pictures of yourself when you do the presentation so that the audience feels more familiar with you.
  4. Show what they will gain if they sit until the end. For example a book or a free course.
  5. Speak loudly and passionately. Don’t have a monotonous voice but give courage and strength to your audience from the tone of your voice.
  6. Motivate and become their role model. Compare yourself to how you were a few years ago and how you are now.
  7. Show the development that you have and say that you will teach them that they will have this development in the field that concerns them.
  8. Make it clear from the beginning why they need to see it and what it will offer them.

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